Education is a privilege, not a right in Haiti.

Less than half the children in Haiti go to school because students must pay tuition to attend both government and private schools and buy uniforms, shoes and books which often makes the opportunity unaffordable for many families.

Promise for Haiti believes that education provides hope for a better future! We support the operation of nine primary Christian schools that have feeding programs and scholarships. Promise for Haiti has partnered with Comite Bienfaisance de Pignon to build and operate nine Primary Christian Schools in the Pignon area. Schools have been built in rural and remote areas outside of Pignon in villages where students otherwise would not have a chance to attend school. Each school has seven classrooms and a teacher/principal room where supplies can be stored, a cookhouse to prepare meals, a well for drinking water and a latrine. In any given year, there are between 1,500 to 2,000 students enrolled in these primary schools. Scholarships for students who cannot afford tuition are available through the Haitian Education and Literacy Program. To find out more about sponsoring a student see below. Each of the nine primary schools supported by the Comite Bienfaisance/Promise for Haiti are provided meals for all the students. The meal, consisting of rice and beans or pasta, may be the only meal the students have that day. When students have proper nourishment, their concentration improves, retention of information increases and they tend to be in school more consistently. The cost to feed an entire school (250-300 students) for the year is only $7,100 (that's around 11¢ to 14¢ a meal!).  Sponsor a school today!


  • Haitian Education & Literacy Program (HELP)
    The primary goal of the Haitian Education & Literacy Program (H.E.L.P.) is to connect students and sponsors so that children can realize the dream of an education. Together, we can help empower the future generations of Haiti!

    How does the program work?

    The H.E.L.P. staff match a child with an USA or Canada sponsor and provide the sponsor with an annual report of student progress, information about the student and a photo every couple of years.

    What does my sponsorship provide? Your annual scholarship provides tuition for your student as well as curriculum, books and school supplies. Children receive a dental checkup annually. Children also receive lunch five days a week.

    How do I know my student is attending school? Stateside HELP staff members maintain accountability and follow up for all students in the program through yearly visits to Pignon and collaboration with the school superintendent in Pignon. Sponsors receive a report card, updated photos of their sponsored child and other information as it becomes available.

    How do I sponsor a student?

    $360 per year - Primary School

    The official primary school cycle requires children to spend six years in school before becoming eligible for the state exam granting them a certificate of primary education (CEP).

    Sponsor A Child's Education

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  • Start a Fundraiser

    Start a Fundraiser

    Have you found yourself saying, "I would love to help, but I can't afford to donate right now" -- you could help organize a fundraising event, or raise funds with something you are already doing! We all have talents, skills, and passions that we could use to pool support and raise much needed support for projects.

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  • Gifts In-Kind

    Gifts In-Kind

    Interested in giving a gift in-kind to Promise for Haiti? Read the lists below and download the supplies list to see what is needed!

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  • Amazon Smile

    Amazon Smile

    Do you shop on Amazon? If yes, your purchases can HELP Promise for Haiti! That's right, shop through our Amazon Smile portal and .5% of each purchase will be donated to Promise for Haiti - simple as that!
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